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Many Credit Unions come to with the challenge of creating leads or measurable revenue from Social Media. Here is how the right content can help you to "close the sales loop" using your Online Marketing and Blogging efforts. Fresh, compelling content attracts people to your brand, and gives you the opportunity to showcase the services you offer.

Provide Much Needed Holiday Spending Reminders to Members: “Protect Your Credit Rating This Holiday Season”


Sharing TCU’s December 4th article¬† on protecting your credit score during the holidays does a wonderful job of highlighting one of the founding principles of all Credit Unions, MEMBER SERVICE.

It it in every member’s best interest to make responsible financial decisions all year, even during the holidays when the pressure is on to spend, spend, spend. This article is a nice summary of tips that will help consumers stay on track into the New Year.

This article also references the need to avoid taking out new high interest credit cards during the holidays, when cash can often be in short supply. Consider linking to any Visa promotions your CU might have going at the end of the article and also make reference to these lost interest credit options when you share this article on Facebook or other social networks.

And don’t forget to link to your Visa page at the end of the article!

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Get Members into The Holiday Spirit: “Are Americans More Generous than Canadians at Holiday Time?”


TCU’s December 1st article on American gift giving trends. When you post and then share this article on your social media platforms consider asking people to share their most impressive gift from a recent holiday. You might also ask staff to post a few entries to get the ball rolling. Remember to like and reply to 100% of entries to keep the conversation going online.

This is a great way to encourage the all important engagement that will tell the algorithms on platforms like Facebook that users are interested in your content, which will help improve future organic reach.

You might also consider a timeline contest with some small cash prizes and ask users to post images of recent gifts or ideas for gifts. And then give prizes to the funniest or most creative.

When you share the article on social media make sure you use the visual provided with your post, as it’s less than 20% text, which works with Facebook ads.

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