TCU content is produced fresh daily, just for credit unions.

Our basic content feed provides:

• 60 fresh articles a month designed for:

• Your CU blogsite

• Your Facebook page

• With 90 Tweets to promote your content via Twitter

• And 20 images

• Access to a searchable archive of hundreds of articles

• Pro Credit Union social graphics


CUs have complete control of their content feed:

• Customize TCU content any way you want, for any reason you want

• Integrate with email campaigns, newsletters, school curriculum and community outreach

• All content can be served up under your CU brand


Get the most from your social media content program, at the lowest possible cost

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TCU content covers a lot of ground:
• Consumer Financial Education
• CU-Related
• Scam Alerts
• Jobs
• Real Estate – National 
and Local
• Small Business
• Student Interest
• The Economy
• Plus, "Coffee Break" Articles